Is there a fee to shop the sale?

-No. Just come ready to shop and find some great deals.

Where do your items come from?

– We have boutiques, brand wholesalers and families selling items at our sale. Most of the new merchandise comes from our retailers. Other items we sell come from families who sign up to consign and earn money for those items. Everyone is welcome to become a consignor and everyone is welcome to shop the sale.

Is there a fee to be a consignor?

-There is a $7.00 consignor fee. We collect this fee upon registration. If you do not sell enough to cover that fee, we will refund it. This is very rare though. But, make sure you have lots of good stuff in great condition that is priced to sell.

How much can I make as a consignor?

-Standard package: You tag, drop off and pickup or donate your merchandise (earn 70% of sales).

-Partner package: You tag, drop off, work a 4 hour shift of the sale and pickup or donate your merchandise (earn 75% of sales).

-VIP package (limited availability) : includes tagging service (earn 50% of sales). We will price & tag your items for you. You just need to signup, register, drop off your items at least a week before the sale and pick up or donate any unsold merchandise on the last day. Please email us after you register to arrange for VIP service.

What items can we consign?

-We accept women’s (brand name), baby and children’s clothes, toys, furniture, books and more. For a complete list of items, please see our How To Guide.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of items I can consign?

– Kind of. You can consign as many items as you want. The more you consign, the more you earn! We do ask that our consignors bring at least $100 worth of merchandise to the sale and limit small sizes. Unfortunately, NB-12m is the most popular size and does not sell as well as larger sizes.

Do you discount consigned items during the sale?

-On the last day of our sale from 1pm-3pm, remaining items that are marked for discount will be discounted 40% off. The consignor decides which items to discount on this last day when they are tagging their items. Consignors: please consider discounting your items. Do you really want to bring them back home? Consignors also have the option to donate unsold items to a local charity if it does not sell after the last day.

What happens to the items that don’t sell?

– Unsold items must be picked up on the last day of the sale by 4:00 PM. Any items not picked up at this time will be donated to our charity. Sorry, no exceptions.

How do consignors get paid?

-Checks will be mailed out within 2 weeks of the sale event. We also update your sold items throughout the sale and post completed seller reports online for two weeks following the sale. Mail-in consignors are paid differently. Please see Mail-in Consignor page for those details.

What will I do with all of the money I make?

-I don’t know… Go shopping?

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